Zambia Safari

Zambia Safari

At Zambia Safari Tours we will show you why Zambia is home to some of the most dazzling and spectacular animals known to man. It is, therefore, no wonder that the country is nicknamed the real Africa.

No matter what your preference is; Zambia is guaranteed to be an unforgettable occurrence. The fact that some of the most pictorial national parks and stylish accommodation can be found in Zambia shouldn't deter you from looking for some untouched, natural beauty.

The area north of the Zambezi is unblemished by outside authorities and civil tensions. If you can brave the long and unkempt roads, you will be rewarded with heart-stirring backdrops and a warm welcome from the propitious locals.

The Zambezi and the surrounds is home to what seems like the entire African animal kingdom; which includes the Big Five and species inimitable to Zambia. For the animated birder; there is an unrivalled array of African birds and itinerant species in the rainy season.

The colossal Victoria Falls have the title of one of the natural world wonders and are one of many awe-inspiring backdrops to the Zambezi.

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